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Complete Planner Guide eBook, How to Start a Paper Company

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This Complete Planner Guide eBook, How to Start a Paper Company, How to find Product Suppliers is perfect for you if you are ready to make your dreams come true!

Ready to create your own paper product? Whether it’s a planner, journal, or other type of paper product, this ebook will help you get started.

Before you begin, you’ll want to know a few things. This complete planner guide for beginners is an ebook dedicated to teaching you how to start your paper product business from idea, design, paper quality, digital files, suppliers/manufacturers, marketing, and more!

With over 30+ pages dedicated to help you get started and watch your wildest dreams come to life.

Access all the resources you need to begin your journey. This ebook also includes U.S.A and International manufacturers. Take hours off your search for quality.

Ready to start your paper product company? LET’S GO!

What’s in this ebook:
🗒-Everything to consider from cover, binding, size, and paper weight.
🗒-Which professional design programs are best and type of files your manufacturer will need.
🗒-Pros and Cons of sourcing international vs in the United States.
🗒-Why ordering samples is a must. Tips for ordering samples and what to look for.
🗒-Shipping costs, storing, and fulfillment methods for your paper company.
🗒-How to launch your online business and marketing/sales tips.
🗒-Email template to send
🗒-Keyword and symbols to know

This ebook will help you create your product and the marketing tips will attract followers who want to buy your products. Stop wasting time trying to DIY your business with techniques and strategies that DO NOT work.

Allow me to show you everything I did, in this step by step guide.

Commit to consistency and see your financial situation change.

INVEST in yourself and your future business.

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